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Thread: FAC without ground

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    FAC without ground

    Quick question folks, This ones probably been covered before but here goes, Is it easier to gain you FAC if you have ground to shoot on or can it be as easily gained by going on paid stalks?

    Any response appreciated..


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    It shouldn't be any easier but it is. Good reason is good reason whether it is for paid stalks or for management of a piece of ground but (perhaps as a historical thing) people seem to meet more resistance without a permission to refer to.

    I haven't been in that position but from the experiences of others, you will need evidence of booked stalks - not sure how it works if those are unpaid/via the kindness of friends etc. I'm sure someone else can enlighten us.

    Good luck

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    It is probably easiest to get a fac if you are a member of a rifle club, (numerous benefits including advice of other members & somewhere to practice & zero) . Regarding not having stalking ground of your own this is not unusual and it is perfectly acceptable to be buying individual stalking outings or as a guest of a friend. The police will expect written confirmation of bookings or invites as evidence of your "good reason". Your FLO may come up with some nonsense about once your booking/invite has been taken up you will no longer have your "good reason" and threaten that your certificate may be (partially) revoked, do challenge them if this occurs. atb Tim

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    The nearest rifle club to me is 45 miles away, i have tried contacting them by email but have heard nothing back, will try again. I'm pretty sure the ground i have will be ok for the .22 RF for rabbits, it does have some deer but whether it's suitable or not i'm not entirely sure. The rifles i am asking for are .22 RF 22.250 .243


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    Membership of a rifle club might be useful for getting an FAC, but the weapons on that FAC will be conditioned for target use only, unless you can prove that you have land to shoot over. It doesn't matter if that is as a permanent permission, or as a paid stalk (well, it SHOULDN'T matter anyway!) Membership of a gun club won't get you permission to buy/hold expanding ammunition on its own.

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