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Thread: TD5 Discovery

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    TD5 Discovery

    Due to buying another 7 seater, my disco has to go.
    2000 (W reg) TD5 97k miles
    Full ES spec, leather everything and every add on, cruise control, heated seats aircon, heated windscreen, the lot
    Dark blue with dark tan leather.
    I have just serviced this, All the fluids were changed out, Auto box, diffs , transfer box, and engine.
    K&N filter added, along with fuel filters (both)
    Chassis is solid and fully waxoiled.
    Comes with 4 virtually new Grabber AT`s, less that 1k on them.
    Needs nowt. Has the usual Scuffs that you would expect, but no corrosion or damage. Only thing not working is the damper on the wee fold down back step.
    Taxed till the end of the month, MOT`d till late summer.
    I`m on the train so can be more specific later, can also discuss MOTing it for a year, as it needs nothing done.

    PM me if interested and I will aslo get some pics up as soon as I can.
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    Good day, Mr Aboot,
    How long have you owned said vehicle?
    I would be interested in seeing some photo's.
    I'm on the look out for a set of shooting/fishing wheels.


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    Ey up

    I have not had it long enough tbh, only around 6 months, the previous owner had it 8 yrs I think., I have a freelander as well, and have just bought a Toyota Hiace, so along with the wifes Audi and my 5 bikes,!!! somit has to go, and the Hiace is my camper.

    I looked at loads with the intention of keeping it for a very long time, hence all the work carried out straight away, waxoil, tyres etc.. It`s a cracking motor.

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    Sounds like a decent motor. If you can get the photo's up.
    Is the price fixed or ONO?

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    Blinkin typical - just got an 02 plate with 98k on the clock a week ago.
    This looks a lot more impressive for the money.

    Hope you find a buyer.



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    Thanks. Like i say it has a few scuff etc, but is a good solid example. Most I looked at were much more expensive rubbish tbh.

    And in answer to the earlier question, of course, yes I will consider an offer on it as well.

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