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Thread: swavo range finder bins

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    swavo range finder bins

    Hi all anyone useing them and whats your opinion on them many thanks Neil....

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    About you put your hand in your pocket and bought some , unless you want to deal on my el s.

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    Went in to a RFD who insisted the Zeiss were better optically (they use both tubes whereas Swaro only use the one). So I asked to look though the Swaros and funnily they had none, but they had the Zeiss in stock!

    I did look through both at the Newark shooting show and found the display on the Swaros harder to see. Was bright light so couldn't really compare. The Zeiss have 250 off until the end of this month if you trade in any old crappy bins.

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    I have the swaro rangefinders, good bit of kit. You have to set the diopter rings on both sides right then the display is crystal clear.

    Also remember that the aiming mark is on the right eye and the readout is on the left eye if that is the reason that people are complaining about the clarity of the digital readout.

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    Coincidentally, I had a look at and through a pair in a shop today. I also found the display difficult to read, as it was too faint.

    However, having read the the instruction manual on the Swaro website I note that you can adjust just about everything including the brightness: so I guess it could be turned up to a level where it can be read easily.

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    I use EL's for spotting and LRF 1200 Leicas for ranging and if the dual purpose binos/lrf get damaged or broken or lost you have nothing left. A bit like a washing machine combined with a tumble dryer, too much crammed in a tight space?

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    The brightness of the aiming mark and range read-out can be adjusted, and getting it right along with the eye relief and the inter-pupilary distance makes a huge difference to how easily you see the aiming mark and range read-out. I'm very happy with mine. I reckon they are optically as good as my old EL8.5x42 and that's pretty bloody good.

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    I take it you know how short the warrenty for the electronics is ?

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    I love my ones. The zeiss were fiddly to use due to having to aim them before pressing the button - this doesn't work well, so you press the button twice. Also the Zeiss have the pointless BDC software. Swaro press to see reticle, aim, release for reading. much better. Leica were ok, but had narrower field of view and only gave the distance, not the true horizontal distance.

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    I was thinking of investing in a pair but when I tried them they were difficult to read the display and the optics were poorer than my SLCs .I didnt like the feel or look of them either.
    How long is the warrenty on the electronics?

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