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Thread: shooting cinema in denmark

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    shooting cinema in denmark

    A trip for upto 8 shooters (inc myself)
    dates are
    8/6 at 10 am shooting for 4 hours outside at moving tagets.
    8/6 at 19 pm shooting for 2 hours at the cinema
    9/6 at 12 pm ( noon ) shooting for 3 hours at the cinema

    flying from manchester to copenhagen
    on the 7th, then a 3hr train connection was £66 rtn last year. back on the 10th
    staying at a private resisdence unless anyone wants to pay extra for a hotel.

    £375. + flights + train + ammo + beer

    this is a great oppertunity to practice running boar with live ammo.

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    I don't know about this one, but there's one near Ulm and it's great fun. A great boys trip.

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    I would love this, think I would have to work on the wife a little first..

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    ok mtey, but it is a great thing to do.
    trouble is once you go you will want to go again.

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    Are the calibre restrictions mate? thinking .375 h&h

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    none i know of paul but your looking at 120 rounds a day at the cinema + the outdoor range.
    we will struggle with weight restrictions and are going to buy privvi over there 375 not sure about.

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    just looked lads privvi do a 375 and 9.3x62 i will see if the range carries this or can order it in for us.
    shame no 9.3x74R for me.

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    is denmark ok with .308 or are there restrictions like france?

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    score... it's tikka time

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