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Thread: Boar and Roe with SolwayStalker

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    Boar and Roe with SolwayStalker

    Just returned from a couple of days in the company of Solwaystalker. Myself, Bubble and another mate (non SD member) travelled north on Friday 16th to stalk roe and have a go for wild boar. We arrive at tea time, meeting Solwaystalker at the local village pub, where we were to stay for our duration.
    For the first go myself and Bubble were both set up in two different locations, overlooking feed sights. As I had not shot with NV before it was all a learning curve for myself, but as Solwaystalker was to accompany me at the highseat I knew I was in safe hands. The weather conditions were favourable with a slight drizzle, which would help dampen any small noise that we would make. After about two and a half hours of sitting there motionless, Solwaystalker signalled to me that some thing was about. Looking through the NV two male boar were seen standing one behind the other with no shot being presented without the chance of injuring the back boar. As is common in shooting that hesitation in being unable to take the shot at that particular time resulted in both boar detecting that they would be better off some where else and took off for cover After about thirty minutes we could here some branch snapping in the woodland edge, coming ever closer Solwaystalker whispered to me that this was probabley a big Boar and could make an apperance at the shot area - but yes he buggered off aswell At about eleven o'clock we decided to give up for the night and go for a pint before the bar closed.
    Bubble reported that he had not seen anything at his highseat, but that may of been due to Alan, who accompanied him falling asleep and SNORING like a train
    We were up at 5.30 Saturday morning with us all splitting up to have a go one the roe, myself and Bubble saw deer but were unable to grass anything. Solwaystalker took Alan for the morning, returning with a small doe that was thought to have had pneumonia when young, due to its slight appearance.
    Saturday night and myself and Bubble were both out on the boar again. Weather conditions were not favourable as it was totally quiet and an occasional breeze winding the feed areas. Nothing to report from either highseat.
    Sunday morning, again 5.30 start and this time, Alan and Bubble did there own thing, while I had Solwaystalker as my guide. We saw plenty of deer with me grassing two roe, one being a belter. On collecting Bubble from his area, there was yet another for the tally. Allan was unsuccessfull this time. 9.00am and it was time for breakfast back at the pub before leaving for home.
    SOLWAYSTALKER comes highly recomended
    I would like thank Solwaystalker for a great time, plenty of deer (well 4 less now), great company and for trying so hard for us to get one of the wild boar that I can assure everyone are there in numbers. I look forward to returning later in the year to try for a boar again.
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    well done all of you, another group of happy clients colin.

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    Good to meet you and the guys Gaz , it was an interesting weekend , you were 2 seconds
    from a shot on the boar , hopefully more luck next time
    John this is what happens at this time of year when you put infra-red on they see the red
    light and know a shot is coming there way , we need a bit of moonlight
    Zeiss Pro Stalker and Agent for Starlght Night Vision

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    Looks like you had a great time Gaz , see you next Thursday at Melbourne.


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    It does take some believing that these boar can get so switched onto the activation of the infra - red dot nearly instantly. But then again they have surely been present at some time when others have been shot. Thanks again Colin See you later in the year for another go.
    Chill123 :- Yes C U Thursday. We'll catch up on all our stalking no doubt

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    well done guys, great read cheers


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    As usual Colin comes up with the good's well done guy's.


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    Yes, it was a great weekend and I will be back after I've practiced sitting in a high seat with frozen feet and not moving a muscle for bloody hours. Good Roe stalking as well. Colin is a great guy and we would recommend him to anyone. Thanks Colin, looking forward to my next visit. Bubble

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