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Thread: Heads up on a Minox bino BD 8x58 BR new but at half price

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    Heads up on a Minox bino BD 8x58 BR new but at half price

    Minox Jagdglas BD 8x58 BR
    They are being offered by a company in Germany. its come from a closed down shop but it is still offered with the full minox 30 years cover.
    This company is famous on egun for buying & selling on egun so is no fly by night operation.
    Schäfer & Schäfer GmbH • Gummersbacher Str. 58-60 • 51766 Engelskirchen • Germany. It works out at around 520 euros including shipping so thats about 433 pounds.
    The normal new price here in Germany is 1098 euros.
    Happy hunting

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    In English? Very interested

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    The world does not rotate around little britain, just do an IBAN transfer and save 50 percent cost its a no brainer.
    Just trying to help the positive members on the site.

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