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    strange fallow

    was out early this morning on the ground for 5.30 parked up and walked some 200 yards to where id seen a group of roe last week but no sign so carried on 100 yards it was bairly light and saw i roe buck heading towards forrestry walked on a bit saw a second deer thought here we go good start. glassed the second deer and to my suprise it was a fallow pricket following the buck so i tried to head him off got another 100 yards and coudnt see anything then the roe buck pops out 20 yards in front of me staring straight at me. then his mate wanders up so ive got a roe buck and a fallow pricket 20 yards away looking straight at me . i wasnt ready on the sticks so very slowly raised the rifle i was sure they had sussed me but no dropped the fallow on the spot through the neck.. very strange i thought. the fallow wasnt been aggressive towards the roe buck just following him as if he was part of a group, maybe he was addopted?
    can u get gay deer Click image for larger version. 

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    Dunno, you get gay dogs and horses so maybe!

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    I have seen a sika calf within a roe group and they seemed to tolerate and accept him as part of the group, he stayed with them throughout the summer but disappeared when the sika stags started rutting. On my permission they seem to tolerate each other and on many occasions witnessed sika and roe groups together

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    This mature red stag and sika spiker were playfully sparring at the end of the rut. Then my guest got a left and right of a lifetime!

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