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    ventile hood

    Has anyone heard of the ventile shooting jacket? They were made some years ago and were sold has the only shooting jacket you will ever need, fully waterproof and wind proof. I aquired one last year and they are a fantastic jacket but it was missing the stud on hood. If any one knows where i could locate the hood i would appreciate it. Many thanks Shadow.

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    I have a number of ventile jackets. Ventile is a material and not a brand, so is not much use in identifying what hood you require. Have you the manufacturers name?

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    hi mick thanks for your reply it is made by applejac designed by carol cocks hope you can help me out. shadow.

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    Sorry, never heard of them.
    Keela, make some for other brands, eg country clothing. They may have made the jacket you have, and it then branded Applejac. Keela are a Scottish company and may be able to supply a hood.

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    mick on the lable it says made in england also how do i get hold of keela do you have contact number or addres thanks for your help shadow.

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    Google them, but here is the phone number.

    All enquiries please call +44(0)1592 777000

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    thanks mick will get intouch with them first thing tomorrow will let you no the outcome shadow.

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    Ventile is a registered name. They are still in existence, have a google, they might be able to tell you who made your jacket as they would have supplied the fabric. It was used for fighter pilots immersion suits, even after the invention of some of the wonder fabrics.


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    Believe that it still is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalahari View Post
    even after the invention of some of the wonder fabrics.
    Could be argued that they (Ventile, Grenfell, etc.) were the original wonder fabrics...

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