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Thread: sako quad problems

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    sako quad problems

    my brother in law recently bought two sako quad varmints, one in 17hmr, and one in 22lr.the 17 has been sent back to gmk, it wont feed or eject properly, low and behold, the 22 is doing the same.he is not a happy bunny, he has bought 3 sako rifles in the last 6 months, and all have had problems (the third being an 85 finlight in 22/250)
    has anyone else had problems with the quad, or indeed gmk? as i fell he is being fobbed off from the dealer he purchased them from. maybe he should contact gmk direct for some answers.
    any info would be much appreciated.

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    I have 2 Sako 85's (one a Finnlight) and a Quad in .17HMR and have had absolutely zero problems with any of them. I am not a huge fan of GMK though, however in this instance your brother should be pursuing the dealer. It is the dealer he purchased them from with whom he has a contract and it is the dealer's responsibility to pursue GMK if applicable.

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    he has had numerous contacts with the dealer, who in my opinion, is giving him the run around. the 17hmr has been back at gmk for a couple of weeks now, but the dealer says it has not been looked at yet. now the 22lr has the same problem, he will be taking that back tomorrow, he has more patience than me, i think i would be asking for replacement rifles, or a refund, bearing in mind he has spent in excess of 3000 on the 3 rifles, and all them has the same fault.
    just wondered if anyone has had the same problem.

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    Two Sako rifles for over ten years and never a single problem.

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    ask the dealer to file the front sight off and grease the barrel , it will help with the feed when ya shove it up his bum

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    no issues with the HMR feeding or ejecting

    the .22 does have known issues with some ammo ejecting unfired rounds.
    this is usually down to the build up of wax around the chamber and the fact that the quad barrels have very short throats and the 40gn solids of .22lr are touching the lands when chambered.

    no issues ejecting spent cases though.

    I would suggest that is it is not ejecting either calibre then it is less to do with the barrel/chamber and more to do with the bolt and extractor claw (which in my opinion is a crap design!) it is a problem as the HMR/WMR case and LR/M2 case have slightly different rims and the claw has to do both.

    if you google there is a modification to the claw which I think sorts the issue

    Here is one: Sako quad extraction fix - Pigeon Watch Forums

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    I hope you get this sorted.

    Just out of interest, why did your brother in law buy two quads and not one quad and a barrel in another calibre ?



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    My mate has a sako quad and his has an anomily, it will not ejcect an unfired 22LR round, empty case no problems. ???

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    My Sako Quad has a few niggles:

    1. Cannot put on safety catch unless loaded (designed like this I know).
    2. Unfired case will sometimes not eject unless I slowly pull the bolt back, this on a 22lr doesn't really bother me as its pennies for the ammo, the 22 WMR I have on order I wont be too happy with that arrangement of firing it off just to clear the rifle.
    3. 9 round magazine will not load past 7, this seems to be a regular fault so ill be having a fiddle with it to see if i can raise the round so it doesn't clip on the way in.

    But all I will say is I can live with the above because it is stunning to shoot and the versatility of the barrel change appeals to me as Im a little limited on space and only 6 weeks in on my FAC and Gwent Police are quite happy with the quad arrangement.

    OT the problems you are having are for the dealer to chase and fix and they should be happy to do so after a 3k spend, if you feel your brother in law is getting the run around then just say "fine ill accept a refund or replacement rifle then in the next 7 days".

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    seriously, its a 2 min job with a fine file and the ejection issues will go away. the dealer cant fix what Sako dont think is broken

    The safety not going on if not loaded is a quick way to see if it is cocked.
    not sure how much safer you need to make an unloaded gun by putting the safety on.

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