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Thread: Butler Creeks - Will they fit?

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    Butler Creeks - Will they fit?

    I'm planning a set of butler creeks for the scope on my old 270, but I don't know if they'll fit. The one at the back has plenty clearance, but at the front, there's about 3mm clearance between the front of the scope and barrel, and this slims down to about 1mm about 10mm behind that as the barrel widens towards the breech. Can anyone tell me if one will fit?

    Thanks Chaps (and Chapesses)


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    Can't comment on the fitting but looking at the comments on here re poor quality BC's I suggest you look at another make.


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    Butler Creek seem to have some quality control issues that started a while back and the covers now break with even slight provocation, there have been lots of threads on here going back a while but I guess lots of people have moved away from them hence why you don't see it discussed so much now. Leupold and and now Swaro do metal scope covers and it might be interesting to test them and see if they fit, though it looks like the Swaro covers are going to be big money but if they don't break it will work out less expensive in the end.

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    dont touch butler creek I have broken 3 sets in a few weeks cant get them repaired or replaced

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