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    STYER PRO MK2.iv,e been offered one in 270 synthetic.
    anything i should watch out for,whats your honest opinion on them.thanks

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    I have one in 243 and like it a lot.

    Bolt is excellent, very smooth.

    Like the safety and the set trigger.

    Accuracy is fine with factory, prefers Federal ammo, but I reload and get much better results, certainly better than my shooting ability.

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    I have two! A 243 and a 30-06 very, very pleased with both. As Sanders says, a very smooth action with excellent safety. Both my rifles shoot very well with federal but changed to Norma with the 243 as I was getting a lot of meat damage with the powershock ammo.

    A good buy secondhand but new they have gone up quite a bit with the current exchange rate.

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    I've got one in 6.5 and love it. Bolt is smoooth as a really smooth thing, trigger is superb (at least compared to my old Ruger).

    Only a couple of things...the trigger adjustment screw rusts very easily and even on the Mk2 I still think the forend is a bit floppy (Mk 1's were pretty bad). Other than that...delighted. It ain't the prettiest rifle about but it does the job very nicely.

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    I have one in 6.5 and it has accounted for some excellent deer. The only thing I did not like was the barrel coating, kind of powdery effect. After each outing I would rub over with a cloth that was damped with oil to ensure protection. I have shot it to 1/3 inch with homeloads.

    Can be yours for 450

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    thanks for the offer jingzy but as i live in n.ireland it would be to much trouble getting it over here.
    all the best the scudd

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