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Thread: Anyone read sporting gun?

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    Anyone read sporting gun?

    A guy in the pub last night swears blind, that sporting gun have advised someone they can shoot deer with a shotgun, no need for a rifle,

    he was planning to go out to shoot one this week.

    I will have to look in smiths for a copy.

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    To prevent suffering in Scotland

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    is that what Sporting Gun say?

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    Have not seen the article but.

    But as previous poster said to prevent suffering.

    Also, In Scotland use of a shotgun for deer is restricted to the occupier of agricultural land or enclosed woodlands
    and other classes of person authorised by them for the purpose of preventing serious damage to crops, pasture,trees or human or animal foodstuffs.

    When a shotgun is used[apart from suffering] it must be 12 bore minimum loaded with AAA for Roe deer and SSG for all other species.

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    I know that, but he insisted anyone could shoot deer whenever, with a shotgun,

    will have to find a copy.

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    bobt it might be a good idea to direct your friend to the Deer Acts or even easier the relevant sections of either the BASC or BDS websites. He has obviously read something but not fully understood what he has read.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    You can shoot deer with a shotgun inside fenced areas with AAA shot in England also.

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    I use solid slug in my 12 bore for deer

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    In England and Wales there are still those who, 35 years after the passing of the original 1968 Deer Act, regard a 12 bore shotgun as suitable for shooting deer. In certain, limited circumstances (where serious damage is being caused) it is of course legal to use a shotgun. S.7 of the Deer Act 1991 provides that it must not be less than a 12 bore. It may only be used by the occupier of the land and other specific categories of person when damage is being done by deer of the same species that are being shot. For example, it would not be legal to shoot roe with a shotgun if the serious damage was being inflicted by muntjac.

    As to ammunition for the shotgun, this must either be rifled slug of not less than 22.68 grammes (350 grains) or AAA shot.

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