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Thread: Swazi Vs Nomad

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    Swazi Vs Nomad

    Been looking at buying a long smock, narrowed it down to these three but not sure which one to go with. Heared glowing reviews about all three from profesional stalkers in scotland who wear there kit till it shreads.



    3. Swazi Thar Anorak @ £140

    For wooland work mainly but also on the hill. At the moment, i think the price of the thar is swaying me but i think the nomad fleece will offer best warmth, silence when moving and camo in the woods.

    Would like to hear your experiances and choices of said smocks.

    Fire Away!!


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    Had all thes jackets for work and just can't see past Swazi, outstanding clothing, takes a real beating on the hill every day

    All the FC boys wear Swazi, not Nomad!

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    Hi bambislayer

    Do you know anyone in the UK selling Swazi or does it have to come direct from NZ



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    Try these guys max, they might be able to help.

    Unfortunately I was told by a stockist that Swazi are not supplying any UK stockists now. Apparently they have a huge US military order and are concentrating on the American market.

    Buying direct from Swazi via their website is possible though.

    I have one of the windstopper fleeces which I got in NZ and their products are excellent.

    All the best


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    Well done Ben
    just been looking for their Brochure ,so i could get their name and web address
    no need now

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    Can't comment on the Swazi as I've never had one but I can tell you the nomad hooded smock is the dogs dangalies! Used it for everything from woodland stalking and on the hill where it is excellent, hood up worn with a dpm base ball cap to stop the large hood from covering the eyes when you crawl. Good for wild fowling too. I went for the olive drab its more neutral and blends in with more environments. The tweed looks good but its a new line.

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    I can't coment on the Nomad gear but I was able to get some Swazi when in NZ good gear if you can get the thar for £140 then get a truck load I paid more in NZ for mine, the only thing is they can be a bit noisy but waterproof like nothing else see my soggy pics in the trophy room.



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    The swazi looks a good bit of kit but the price is $us 359 with the exchange rate this is more than £140. Where are you getting it from?


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    My appologies, i got over excited because i know that the exchange rate is very good with the NZ $. I just presumed the price was in NZ$ not the US$ which it is.

    So, the Thar is actually £250 not including shipping. Which levels the playing field a bit!

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