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Thread: Nikon Monarch 8-32 x 50ED a warning!

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    Nikon Monarch 8-32 x 50ED a warning!

     few weeks ago, I had a few extra quid, and had noticed quite a few of the above scopes coming on the market second hand at reasonable prices. Knowing that quite a few people had purchased these for long range shooting, not realising that they only had 20 MOA elevation, and without an inclined rail were useless over 600 yards, I thought this would explain the amount of immaculate, almost new scopes on the market. Well thought I, it would beat my 3-9 x 50 for 200/300 yard foxing, so I brought one, it arrived in perfect condition, no damage to the packing and not a mark on the scope, I noticed the elevation adjuster was wound to the max and grinned, wound it back down, mounted the scope and started to bore sight.

    Then the problems started, it required full elevation and full left windage to sight the scope in at 75 yards, at that point all the self doubts started to creep in, have I made a stupid mistake, did I bore sight it correctly, is there a problem with the mounts etc So 30 years of experience went out of the window, back to basics and triple check before I shout! but no it was as they say knackered. On contacting the seller he swore blind it was working two day before he dispatched it, hmmm well its not now so its being returned.

    a week later not having learned from this, I spotted another 8-32 x 50 Monarch for sale, this time only two months old, in its box, full paperwork, one careful lady owner as they say, so like a fool I brought it, when it arrived, yet again packing undamaged, and not a mark on the scope. This time I mounted it on the rifle with out touching the adjusters,then started to bore sight, the image failed to move, a few more turns then a loud clunk, the image jumped and started to move, this time the windage is fine but once again full elevation to bore sight at 75 yards

    So two almost new Nikon monarch 8-32 x 50 scopes both with the same problem after going through the postal system, I'll let you draw your own conclusions

    I'm in touch with Nikon, and waiting for a reply, lets see if they are a decent company or I'll get a standard "not our problem its down to mishandling" reply

    I'll keep you posted, one things for sure I'll never stray from S&B or Leupold again

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    I had a problem with a tasco artimist scope the cross hair kept braking on my 308 Norma mag. It happened twice. First a new scope then a full refund. So I hope your not left high and dry with yours

    Cheers andrew

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    Shame that cos they are a nice looking scope, and with Nikon pedigree you'd expect quality
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

    Good deals with ~ deako ~ sakowsm ~ dryan ~ 2734neil ~ mo ~ riggers ~ mmbeatle ~ seanct ~ an du ru fox

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    The assumption here is that these are genuine Nikon and not fakes

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    I can assure you Stover they are genuine, the srl no's have been checked with Nikon!

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