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Thread: Sako 85 .308

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    Sako 85 .308

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    Varmint Stainless Laminated, 20'' Fluted barrel, threaded with Sako thread protector.

    Has a single set trigger (fitted by Sako), Optilock Stainless 30mm low rings and bases which will accomodate a 50mm objective scope, and stainless QD sling swivels.

    Being sold with an ASE Utra SL5 30cal Moderator.

    All the above was bought new about a year ago and since then has fired 30ish factory rounds plus about the same in homeloads. It has a couple of tiny marks on the stock, but other than that it looks brand new. It is very accurate with Sierra Gameking SPBT 150grns.

    Don't be put off with the varmint profile. With it being a 20'' fluted barrel even with the mod fitted it is not heavy to carry and has nice balance.

    Only being sold to help fund a custom rifle project.

    Would prefer FTF but will do RFD to RFD, costs at my end only.

    I have just priced this to buy new and about as cheap as I could find its 1,979, not including the remaining Sierras plus a full box of 150grn SST's which I will throw in.

    1450 OVNO
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    whats the custom job your after bry ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
    whats the custom job your after bry ???
    Hi Chris

    Dropped you a PM.

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