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    hi all

    just thought id say hi. my names matty live in swindon am currently unemployed and have been since august 23rd. i live in a 2 bed in a housing estate live with my OH and my 2 girls 4 yrs old and a 5 mth old got a small front and back garden back garden has the animals i got 15 chooks 1 rabbit 1 cat 2 dogs got a few sheep and a pony on rented land 7 miles away. i was introduced to this site through a friend and was told to jump in. i havent got my SGC yet but have shotgun skills intro to clays and range safety officer so im looking for work in that field among other things aswell. i want to for next season do some wildfowling and maybe do a fallow stalk for my 30th in dec i love the country life and really want to get out in the field either to follow on or to healp out. looking to do some beating if i can find a shoot close enough. well thats me hope to hear from like minded people cheers matty.

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    Plenty of shoots round your way, so should be no problem with beating.
    Hope you enjoy the forum.

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    Hi DaddyMatty82

    I just joined the forum myself. I hope you do find some beating which can be great fun. If you can try and find a shoot to help out before the shooting season starts then this may help. I don't know if you've been involved before but there is a load of work to do cleaning rearing pens and fixing stuff up which probably won't pay that much (if it does at all) but will get you out in the field and in touch with a shoot for when the season comes along. BASC (British Association for Shooting and Conservation) might be able to give you some advice on how to find a shoot / stuff in your area. Try them - All the best, Foss

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    Welcome to the site,

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