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Thread: B.S.A majestic

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    B.S.A majestic

    Is the majestic suitable as the basis for an F-class rifle looking at .260 Rem ..

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    I think you would be better to leave it as a hunting rifle. They were a well made rifle, and could certainly be made to shoot accurately, but i can immediately see some problems including lack of a suitable scope mounting system and lack of appropriate stocks. I also think there may be some idiosynchracies built into the rebarreling process - but i am not sure.

    If i were looking for a cheaper rifle to build into an F-class rig, i'd be looking at rifles with aftermarket parts readily available - particularly Remingtons and Howas. However, i would list the Tikka actions as the very best place to start should you be able to find one.

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    The barrel tenon is pretty standard but remember that the chamber is recessed so teat the bolt head is surrounded by the tenon:-

    Barrel tenon showing recessed chamber for bolt head. This one is to fit a Monarch 1st pattern action which is the same as the Majestic.

    Semi in-letted stock can be had from a couple of firms in the US but they had a lead time of about 3 months as they are classed as non standard orders now.

    Perhaps a better action would be the BSA CFT which is a single shot with solid action floor and the CFT also has a faster lock time and a target stock already.

    The BSA's are IMHO far superior in build quality to the Remington 700. The reason there are so many after market bits for the Rems are that they really do need them .

    Oh yes another option would be something like the Australian Sportco Model 44 single shot target rifle however if I recall correctly that has three lugs that lock into the barrel rather than the tubular action. These older target rifles can be picker up quite cheaply. I paid the princely sum of 95 for my Sportco Model 44 and it shoots rather well but of course in unfashionable but that was about 6 years ago now. Paid 85 for my Parker-Hale 1200TX in 2010 and once cleaned it's a nice rifle.

    Why is it that serious target shooters cannot clean their rifles? the outside was covered in a film of grime especially on the fore stock where the glove rests. Those in the club who saw it after the clean up said it looked like I had swapped it for a different rifle.

    Oh yes the range owner picked up a nice Konigsberg target rifle a few years ago for 65 that does shoot rather well even the Radway Green nato ammunition. His was the basic Mauser 98 version however they made some super target rifles:_

    Perhaps a bit of a search will find you a more suitable basis for the "F" Class rifle

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