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Thread: Leica geovids, old model/new model is there much difference

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    Leica geovids, old model/new model is there much difference

    I read that the older geovids were cloudy compared to the new ones. Is there much difference in reality and also does it make a difference to the used value?
    Thanks lads

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    none that my eyes could make out

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    Lieca have always been good glass but for some reason the HD modles did not suit every one giving a slight edged picture i would not spend the cash on a set.

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    Leica Geovids


    I have a set of older 10x42 Geovids, they are not the newer HD & I would say that the direct comparison would be the older Swarovski EL's & the new upgraded model.

    As long as they are looked after there will always be a good second hand market for them I am sure.

    However you bend it the older Geovids are still a great set of binos, with the HD model being better, but I'm still not going to change mine until the lotto comes in, I did manage all six numbers on weds this week-on six different lines though.

    Regs Lee

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