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Thread: Plug Screws for Removed Iron Sight - Sauer 202 Forest

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    Plug Screws for Removed Iron Sight - Sauer 202 Forest

    Hi Folks. I am actually posting from the US. Not too many Sauer 202 owners here in the states so I hope some of you can help. As it stands today, my iron sight is already interfering with my scope view. I need to lower the scope rings down lower and doing so will surely have the iron sight blocking my view. I have decided to remove front and rear iron sights. Do you know the correct thread size for the plug screws to plug the holes?

    Thank you.

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    Welcome to the forum.
    Not sure on the threads, or even if they are screws....
    The last couple of rifles I have had anything to do with sight removal on, Steyr Manlicher (sp?)and a Baikal break action had studs that were electro welded to the barrel.
    There is no neat way round this, seems the studs are stainless steel so you can't even file them down flush and blue them.
    If yours are screws all you can do is remove one and measure the thread with a calliper and thread pitch gauge.


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    I removed mine for the same reasonand I am still looking for plugs. They are screws though like a small ba thread. I will have the rifle out to remove the scope later today so will check them then. Jim

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    If you can't find the correct screws you could always cut some small sections of O ring and glue them in the holes. I would have thought that being Sauer the threads would have been metric?
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I bought some in eBay from the US.
    no idea what thread they were will try to dig out the details

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    I've removed the sights from both my Sauers and have just left the holes open. Several years on, there have been no problems - mind you, the reflex mods I use hide the holes, so there's little chance of any dirt getting in them.

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    Did something similar to the o ring but using black silicone sealant.

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    Are sure they aren't just a standard 6-48 screw? That tends to be the industry standard for sights and scope bases (that and 8-40)...

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    Just checked, and Warne makes bases for the Sauer 202. Might give them a call and see if they know (I'd bet they would).

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    I got mine free from the UK importer, Garlands. They appear to be slightly different sizes but it might be worth an email.

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