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Thread: can deer ?

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    can deer ?

    Can deer contract the smalembergers disease that is affecting new born lambs ?


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    No reports so far, thank goodness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knottaclu View Post
    No reports so far, thank goodness.
    Agreed, although i hear that we should be on the lookout for it as in theory it might be possible.

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    It will be very interesting to see if cases do appear in the deer population, especially in the south east. Are we about to witness natures solution for the reduction of deer levels, especially fallow? My understanding is the virus causes birth defects, which will no doubt significantly reduce the animals ability to survive in the wild, if it makes it to adulthood at all.

    Any thoughts?


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    As infection took place last sept/ oct we will not know until calves/kids are born, and as the infection has to be in the first trimester it would be depend on the time of the rut and the way the wind was blowing at that time. The biggest problem is during birth so we would not see a lot of deformed animals likely to find a dead doe with blood poisoning. Some vets say it could occur in camilids but with such a long gestation period it will be mid summer before we know. If deer were infected due to the way the desease works they will be immune next year so the answer is no it will not have a dramatic affect on deer numbers in the future.

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