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Thread: strange rememberance sign

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    strange rememberance sign

    i am treating a church spire at the moment for woodworm .now to get to the very top inner pitch we needed a 2 stage scaffold just to give you a insight to the height of it .well right at the very top of the spire hidden away even the church crew knew nothing of it .is a plaque dated 1764 in rememberance of so and so wife but it is fixed upside down .would anyone have a clue as to why they would of done it .please dont give answers like over on PW she was a bat she was a auss perfetect answers .i cant up load a pic on here for some reason .

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    I think this is really interesting. I'm afraid I can't answer your question directly, but I'm interested enough to do some digging. If you can share the name and the location, there may be some lore about it available. The reality that it may be a husband's anger at his wife at her being 'an old bat' - or it could be to do with a number of other ideas:
    That the family thought she would be closer to God (not sure on the upside down bit here)
    She may have died at that point
    She may have been considered a witch (so would not have been allowed to be buried in the church) and a husband/relative put it there
    It may be she was of a different christian denomination (and so not normally allowed to be buried as above)
    Upside down is a mistake (but the location is then still interesting)

    Sorry I cant be of more help directly, but I hope these are more sensible reasons than those on PW! Be interested to hear if you find anything out.

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    It could be a mistake. Remember literacy was poor in those times. A worker could have been asked to place the plaque in an obscure place so it would not be removed. He did not know which way was up

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    her name was amy rutock or putock of cranleigh surrey the plaque is in st nicholas church spire .would be kool to know why it is up so high and upside down the church boys were going to go up today and take pics and investigate it . maybe something interesting cheers .noel

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    This could be fascinating!

    A quick Google search found this from the National Archives (

    "Copy of agreement 1) Cassandra More Molyneux 2) John Puttock of Cranleigh, yeoman. Lease of Three Clampfield, Marshfield, Molefield, Ashen Crofts, etc in Compton. LM/358/83 26 Nov 1776"

    Now "Amy Putock" and "John Puttock" could be related (remembering the poor literacy) and 1776 and 1764 are suspiciously close.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Knottaclu View Post
    Re-used timber?
    That was my first thought; but why would they not have removed the plaque and put it somewhere else?

    How old is the spire in relation to the date on the plaque?

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    willie gunn cheers for that i will investigate more . dalua the church is dated around the time of the plaque ?

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    ask the vicar , it may be in church records

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