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Thread: Mod for .22 WMR

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    Mod for .22 WMR

    Hi Guys

    Just ordered a sako quad in .22 WMR the moderator is the thing - any one have any info on the best one to keep the noise down and light, it is not to be for loads of shooting all at once, would like a over the barrel type if poss ? Any info or your experience of different types would be greatly appreciated before I go and throw another wad at something that may not be up to the job, so many out there now


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    I use a PES T12 Scout on mine. (overbarrel)
    Not light but very effective.

    Steve Kershaw does some lighter ones now, have a look on his website.

    you will never lose the supersonic crack though.
    I find my WMR is sometimes noisier than the HMR

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    Ive got a Wilcat cub on my 22LR which ive aslo tried on the HMR and its a nice little mod, proofed upto .222. Should do the job nicely.

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    I found the WMR not so easy to moderate as an HMR.
    The humble Sac takes some beating on a cost performance basis, the .22 Wildcat was no better on noise.
    A Pes Mini-T would be my choice if money is not a consideration, they are just over 200 from JMS Arms.
    I have one I use on .22lr and .22 Hornet, it makes a better job of the Hornet than the Pess T12 did, at about
    half the weight and only 2/3 the cost, only 32 mm diameter and 200 mm long, half of that over the barrel.


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    Cheers Guys

    Really great help, check these all out and settle on one.



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    If your not too far down south maybe give JMS arms a call, at least you can cal in there and try all the mods he has before making your mind up.


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    I've run mine through the PH mod from my .22LR and found it surprisingly effective. The only thing is you need a strippable mod because the WMR is a dirty round!

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    Quote Originally Posted by matt_hooks View Post
    The only thing is you need a strippable mod because the WMR is a dirty round!
    No more so than any other rimfire round.
    Personally I don't like or trust strippable mods, but if it really needs cleaning, either a bucket of hot water with citric acid or similar, or just a run through an ultrasonic cleaner.


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    mines strippable, still very tight

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