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Thread: .222 & 22-250 bullets for fox and deer

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    .222 & 22-250 bullets for fox and deer

    anyone reccomend a good bullet to use in both for fox and deer where legal. the .222 is for me and i was going to knock up a few for a friend in 22-250 who doesnt reload.

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    search and destroy

    Seach the forum, we have doen this to death already

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    v max then?

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    Good Yin

    hey hey

    you made me laff

    i dont have a problem with anyone who can shoot what they want as long aas its accurate and humane. Varmint-MAX will not go down well with the BDS beardies though.

    oh neither does SSG out a winchester pump

    Have at it

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    Years ago in another country I shot Sika , Reds and Hybrids with the Hornady 60gr. softpoint and the Sierra 63gr. semi-pointed bullets fired from a Tikka Continental .22/250 rifle with a one-in- twelve twist .

    I do not think these would be suitable for a .222 though.


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    thanks for the feedback - i think i shall take advive from the man in the reloading shop. i suspect 50gn ballistic tip will be his advice.

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    Noslers own website states that in VARMINT WEIGHTS the bullet is constructed for INSTANTANEOUS , VIOLENT EXPANSION .
    Irrespective of what your re-loading supplier may think this is not a bullet designed for the humane shooting of any Deer.


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    I have Barnes XXX loaded for my .222 they cover both fox and deer.

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    found it! shot with a .223

    note the shot placement through the shoulder, these 2 were shot on the edge of a massive rape field, didnt want any runners which may have happened with a heart/lung shot. they dropped on the spot and died instantly. meat damage was minimal.

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    Hornady SP WC

    Hornady do 55 grain SP with or without a canalure that are spot on for fox and small deer using a 222. I push the ones with canalures at just shy of 3000 fps with Viht N130 and have used them to shoot day time foxes out to 275 yards but you need to have a good play at different ranges as the drop is quite rapid after 200 yds.

    the best bit is they are cheap as chips from my RFD at 9.95 for a box of 100


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