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Thread: A Welcomed Anniversary

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    A Welcomed Anniversary

    Yesterday 22 March 2012 exactly a year without the weed. On a good day I could easily work my way through a couple of packs. When I read some write ups of a stalk and the author mentions stopping for a smoke I still get a bit of a pang for my old friend but at todays prices of the particular brand I favoured I have saved in excess of 5000. Not actually got it in a wedge of notes but I have spent it on shooting/related costs and treated the family. Diesel has gone up but due to my increase in available finances the blow is easier.
    Not easy to stop and I hold nothing against those who do smoke but it is a welcomed anniversary and I certainly am not going back.

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    Its my anniversary today too. 25 years of wedded bliss
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Congrats to both of you,not sure who deserves the most credit though.

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    Well done Gazza,

    As you said, not easy. As a reformed slave to the weed I know how hard it can be. Almost every Budget, cold that went right into my chest, visit to a non smokers home, I would tell myself that its time to quit.
    However, when I tried to it was a different matter!
    Eventually it was someone close to me, ex para, stalker and all round good guy, reduced to a living skeleton and succumbed to the big "C" courtesy of the fags, that shocked me into it!

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    I have never smoked one in my life and a visit to any C ward will ensure we never do. I have seen folk the colour of the yellow pages and i have seen big men the size of skeletons so maybe the schools should show this to 10 year olds... Dirty habit and the smoking ban in pubs as the best birthday present i ever had.

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    Well done that man

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    I just woke up a few years ago after a heavy night out and thought, "sod this" and threw away the last two corkscrew-shaped cigarettes in my jeans pocket. Can't say it was easy not to spark up again, but you find out that mostly, it's the ritual you miss. You develop the habit of punctuating your day with cigarettes, and you have to sort of retrain your mind. It becomes easier with time though. It's the first couple of weeks that are a pain. The pub smoking ban helped, as did the fact that hardly anyone around me smoked anymore. There wasn't anyone to nick a fag from.

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    Well done.

    When I left school I started out at Vickers Engineering, the foreman used to come in and say something along the lines of "well another day and not one passed my lips".

    After a few weeks of this I thought well done, but no need to go on about it.

    After a couple of months I was getting a bit annoyed, so I plucked up the courage to ask, "When did you give up?"

    His answer.....


    VJ day 1945!

    He was still proud!!!

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