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Thread: Reintroduction of Lynx into Scotland

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    Reintroduction of Lynx into Scotland

    I was reading in the BBC Wildlife Magazine this month that there is an argument for the re-introduction of Lynx cats to Scotland. Thoughts?

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    At least someone would be able to actually photograph a big cat in the wild!

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    Quote Originally Posted by david1976 View Post
    At least someone would be able to actually photograph a big cat in the wild!
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    Not round my way, the dogs would have a fit!

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    let me know when they've done well enough I can go shoot 1.

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    As long as they dont do that down here, have enough trouble with small cats sh**ing in my garden - can't imagine the mess a lynx would make.

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    In the Vosges valley in Alsace where I always went on family holidays, they started reintriducing Lynx about 25 years ago, with no real noticeable success. The whole place had healthy populations of roe, red deer and chamois on the rockfalls. You'd hear and read about the lynx, but i didn't ever seem that they were taking a pawhold. Then about maybe 7-8 years ago, a female managed to successfully rear a litter, teach them to hunt and go off and fend for themselves, and now there's no stopping them! Roe and chamois populations fell by about 50%, much to the dismay of local hunters and tourists who had becoming accustomed to being easily able to see and photograph the chamois.

    Honestly, it was unusual for chamois to be this carefree anyway. People assume they've all gone, but the ones that are around have just become better at hiding. As for the roe, there used to be loads and loads, and now there are just loads, which is still plenty. The lynx population appears to have stabilised at a new level of equilibrium. Hunters just need to up their game a bit, they'd had it too easy before! Lynx are better at it. Interestingly, in Quebec a lynx is called a "loup-cervier", or "stag wolf", which makes their preferred diet clear. They don't seem to be particularly keen on goats and sheep.

    Now I'm waiting to see what happens when numbers of wolves build up again. They seem to be very keen on domestic livestock indeed!

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    Having seen first hand over here in Norway the effects that they have on roe deer populations, I really hope for your sake it does not go ahead!

    I have watched areas, mine included with good populations of roe deer be decimated in one season!

    It's a very hot topic over here in Norway, the hunting of the lynx is restricted to quotas across whole regions, so if they shoot the very small quota in one small town for example, the hunting stops for the whole region!

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    As we've seen the only argument the green nutters will accept for shooting is that it is necessary to manage the numbers for welfare reasons. The various do-gooder organisations have recently been building quite strong support for this argument as the only reason for shooting deer - look at the recent TV coverage of deer stalking for instance. Add big cats and you remove what appears, and has been carefully estabished, as the only justification for shooting deer. The media and the green nutters will then make the case that as the only reason for shooting was population management and as there is now a natural way to do this shooting must be banned. They've been building this case for a while now.

    In my view all reintroductions should be trialled in Hyde Park in London for 10 years before being forced upon the people of Scotland. In my experience all the people pushing for such things tend to live within the M25 and they always, for some reason, want to force their nutty ideas on Scotland. This is racism of the first order and for this reason anything they think is a good idea should first be tested in their own front yard before being forced upon crofting communities hundreds of miles away. So, lets have big cats, bears and wolves in Hyde Park for 10 years before we make up our minds.

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    I'm sure any introduction to scotland would have to get past SNH and the scottish parliament first. So stop blaming your woes on those down south.

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