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Thread: Leica Ultravid 8x42 binoculars (boxed, paperwork, passport, 30yr warranty etc)

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    Leica Ultravid 8x42 binoculars (boxed, paperwork, passport, 30yr warranty etc)

    My much loved Leica 8x42's. very sad to be selling them

    Serial Number: 1589691

    Perfect condition in original box/packaging with all original paperwork including passport for change of ownership.
    Transferable 30yr Warranty from new.
    Proof of Registration card from new activating the warranty.

    They have been used lightly but never abused and always looked after. never even been wet despite their waterproof guarantee!

    They are a truly awesome binocular and I chose these over several others as they were just nicer to hold and have the added feature of adjustable eye ring depending on your preference for eye relief.

    Focusing is very sharp and very easy to control with a long focus wheel.
    Light gathering is phenomenal.
    Looking into woodland or at very low light you can see considerably more than with the naked eye.

    full details here:
    Leica Camera AG - Sport Optics - Ultravid 42 HD

    These are the BR model replaced by the new 1200+ HD model.
    See below for comparisons of the two (effectively zero difference as reported by owners of both!)

    Leica Ultravid BR vs Leica Ultravid HD - BirdForum
    Leica Ultravid 10x50 HD - binoculars review -

    Interestingly I read in the All Binos review above that the new HD's only have a 10yr guarantee whilst the BR's have a 30yr guarantee. read into that what you will

    I am only selling these as I can't justify sitting on an extremely expensive pair of binoculars and not having the cash for more important things.
    If you already know the quality and have looked through binoculars like these then you know what you are buying, if you don't you will be very impressed and never buy another cheap pair of binoculars.
    Like anything of this quality they retain their value very well.

    650 collected or plus postage RMSD

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    just to clarify, despite the dodgy phot making them look a funny shade of grey/green they are in fact black!

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    Nice Bino's Bewsher, should have no probs shift'n them.

    Atb Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    All PM's replied to

    FYI BR is "Black Rubber" as far as I know
    There is also a BL which is "black leather"
    not sure what HD stands for!

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    lots of PM's
    all replied to.

    Could the chap who called me call again as I have lost the message with his number on it!

    Price Drop and a bump for the midweek crew.

    These are advertised on another site now so the earlier time stamp on the PM or Post will get them

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    reduced for the absolute last time.
    if they dont go at this price they go on eBay.

    the last two sets that sold on there both went for more.

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