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Thread: a dangerous pastime that will kill femoral artery

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    a dangerous pastime that will kill femoral artery

    Ive posted this topic up that Mudman has posted in top tips .you can read his story below as ive cut and pasted it .

    Within your upper leg you have the femoral artery which is about 3/8" 10mm across ,if like mudman you have an accident with a knife.

    Accidentally cut this artery by the time you've dialled the number into your phone and got an answer you'll be unconscious or dead .

    Ive posted this as there are a great % of us that don't know of these things the bleed out time is about 70 seconds there are very few choices if you cut into this direct pressure is one a tourniquet is another .

    Caution at all times

    MUDMANS posting
    You know how you are always told to cut away from yourself when using a knife to butcher a deer?

    Well its damn good advice, otherwise you may well run the risk of plunging a boning knife into your thigh with a fair degree of force, swearing a great deal, hopping around with your trousers around your ankles for a couple of minutes while you find some form of dressing to stem the quite copious flow of blood. Then driving to the local A&E department, still with trousers around ankles, whilst putting pressure on the wound with the aforementioned dressing. Then having the pleasure of half a dozen stitches to the quite neat cut to the front of your leg. All patched up now but a rather painful lesson learnt.

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    Just to add fuel to the panic, I have been taught in the past that if that artery is severed, unless you can get a hold of it and crimp it, then it is good night vienna. The forces used to be taught to use the weight of a man using his boot above the cut to stem the flow, that means there has to be 2 of you around , to put on a tourniquet I think is almost impossible due to the amount of flesh around it.

    Still, I am no expert and no doctor, and if at the end of the day it was to happen, you will try anything to stop the flow. Always keep a cork in your pocket.


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    I was about to post something along the lines of Jinzy...The problem is that direct pressure is often ineffective because the bleeding artery can be deep within the thigh.

    After applying direct pressure, at first glance the flow of blood appears to be stopped, but infact what is happening is continued internal bleeding.

    From a first aid perspective, direct presseure is the obvious first thing to do, followed by indirect pressure in the groin area. But these are really only holding measures until a touriquet can be applied and even that sometimes only slows blood loss rather than stopping it......

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    put me right of my stalking that has.

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    From what i understand if you cut that artery its the end,period.
    Just be careful out there, take a look at this picture, god knows how i managed it but the lights had fused in the outhouse and i was rushing.
    Cut straight through 2 tendons,damaged the nerve and missed the radial artery by 5mm,result was 3 months off work and it will never be the same again.
    The farmer has just bought me a chain link glove for xmas!

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    Sounds like you need chain link trouser's DDS


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    That's the artery that matadors die from when they get gored.

    That's why I packed up bull fighting

    and before anyone else says it, it was not in order to take up Bulls#**ing


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    Having spent most of my working life in slaughterhouses you can imagine i have seen all manner of injuries, mostly cuts,the original post is a fine piece of advice ALWAYS CUT AWAY from yourself


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    Before we all get too scared and pack up stalking I think we need to get a bit of reality here. Firstly, you have to be doing a pretty violent and wild gralloch to manage to sever a main artery in you inner thigh!
    What we do is by its nature dangerous just by the fact that we are out in all weathers, miles from anywhere and usually alone. We climb shabby old highseats, annoy large animals with sharp head-gear, and lets not forget crawling around with large calibre rifles.
    A risk assessment puts it in the realms of 'pretty high risk'.
    However, we can help matters by being prepared for the worst and I'm not talking wearing chain mail trousers here.
    Just a mobile phone is essential. However it is useless if you don't know exactly where you are! I carry a small GPS which gives me a 10 figure grid reference and cost me 20. If you are out on the hill carry a goretex bivvy bag, First aid kit and basic survival equipment. Just these few simple things weigh a couple of pounds but will potentially save your life one day (or someone elses!). They might not be of use if you insist on severing major arteries or shooting yourself though but it might just be enough to give the authorities a clue as to the position of the deceased!!
    Take Care!

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    Guys heres a better one changing avatar to doom and gloom,

    I seen one a few years ago which I had to act very prompt on whilst cross a clear fell with another stalker he lost his footing while standing on a cut stump end slipped in it the splinter went right through his leg coming out at his buttock .

    It was a tree that had been partly felled leaving a row of up standing splinters , it was a chopper job to the hospital no major arteries were cut ,he had a right sore arse for a while .not the type of splinter you pull out with your teeth .

    As Monkey spanker said thats what risk assessments are all about

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