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Thread: The Value of FAC Air

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    The Value of FAC Air

    This time of year I always get a hankering for a FAC Air Rifle. All the nest building corvids, just out of effective range of my legal-limit springer, drive me to distraction. I would probably surrender my 17 HMR in exchange for a Theoben Eliminator, so before I do I just wanted to survey The Stalking Directory membership on their opinions of FAC air for corvids and rabbits out to 60 yards or so. I've heard opinions ranging from "they're pointless, stick to the 22lr" through to "they're indispensable, but very few realise it!"

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    I wouldn't be without my rapid 7. I have it for almost 20 yrs and only got it serviced last year for the first time. I have it zeroed at 50m and use it for rabbits on the golf course but I wouldn't swap my hmr for an fac. I have .22lr which I would swap but I guess you are either a fan of hmr's or not.

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    hi same as you really fancy an fac air rifle again, i had 2 rapid 7 s and a daystate hunts man great job for rabbits 60 yards plus. however i would not buy another eliminator as the one i had broke my heart i had to send it back to theoben twice, ended up getting shot of it.

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    Had a fac rapid 7 it was great for crows and rabbits up 70+ yards, but you can't compare it to a HMR there in different leagues.


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    I've shot with legal limit air rifles for years and never found anything I could shoot with an FAC air rifle that I couldn't with a legal limit air rifle, the simple answer is get closer

    The maximum effetive range of a legal limit air rifle is 45/50 yrds so why shell out all that money for an 10/15 extra yards?

    If I was going to make the step from legal limit air to FAC i'd just get a .22, much cheaper than FAC air and does everthing FAC air does and you still have the legal limit air for stuff you can't do with the .22.


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    They maybe in a different league, but the fac air won't cost a fortune to run, and won't have ammo failing to go bang.
    After using the HMR for a few years, and then moving it along because the .22 hornet does it al for me at less money.
    That said while I have no use at all for a 12 ft-lb. air rifle I could very easily make use of an fac one one.


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    It does seem at this time of year I have an almost constant need to be shooting into trees, either at squirrels or corvids. I rarely extend my 17 HMR beyond 60 yards, the terrain just doesn't lend itself to it. We also have a steadily increasing bunny population and being a college estate is a fairly sensitive location. I think FAC air might be the answer.

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    I have an FAC air Falcon, and it`s superb, tree shooting, or in permissions that demand it. I love it. But then I love air rifles so a more powerfull one is something I would always have.

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    I have a FAC Rapid and a 22LR. Both are useful.
    The Rapid on squirrels and pigeons, I like pigeon crowns. Squirrel pie is nice but takes some effort.
    And also for tricky shots on rabbits where the backstop is not much cop for 22LR.
    From what I have read the Eliminator is a nice idea but not as practical as a Rapid.

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    IMHO Fac air rifles are very effective in the correct situation. You can pick them up for next to nothing( compared to sub12ft/lb rifles) but go PCP route.I owned a .22 Eliminator , beautiful looking rifle but its like using an SLR for 60-80 yards shooting and takes a fair bit of skill and brawn to use, went to a FAC FX2000 and it was a joy to shoot.
    I recently sold it and never filled the slot and to be honest more fool me

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