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Thread: Blaser R93 308

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    Blaser R93 308

    I am selling my Blaser R93 Offroad .308, it is in superb condition and is very, very accurate as all Blasers seem to be. It comes with the quick detach Blaser saddle mount, 30mm rings and the Blaser key for changing the barrel, i have load data for it should you wish to reload for it but its also very accurate with factory loads. It is screw cut 1/2" UNF and i will throw in my T8 mod but this one is on its last legs as they dont seem to last very long.
    I am putting it up for sale for what i think is a bargain price, i can arrange RFD to RFD at the buyers expense (i think its 15) or face to face, this is a really superb rifle and you wont be dissapointed with it. 1400
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    Price now dropped to 1300!

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    Yes that would be the one !!

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    Hi, yes this indeed the rifle, although it looks as though you dont need me to tell you that!!! I ended up buying it from my friend who is now a member on this forum (JVR243) and he will verify this. I also bought a brand new and expensive Blaser saddle mount with 30mm rings to go on it which is now included in the sale.
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    Sold to Russian Sniper pending payment.

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