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Thread: Hello From Cheshire

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    Hello From Cheshire

    Hi All

    I have viewed the site for a good while & finally decided to register.

    I live in Macclesfield, Cheshire and have been a regular stalker for 14 years.

    I am a member of a stalking sydicate in South Lanarkshire, we have held the lease for about 12yrs. We only get Roe on the ground however Sika are on the East side of the M74, so maybe they will venture our way soon!


    Cheshire Lad

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    Welcome to the site, lots of like minded people here.


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    Welcome to the site, lots of like minded people here.


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    Welcome to the site Cheshire lad.


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    Thanks for the welcome chaps!

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    your not far up the road from me cheshire lad im just the other side of leek,welcome to the site,im sure you will enjoy it on here they are a good crowd.

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    Thanks Tika 308

    Yes not far from Leek, I pass through quite regularly to get on A50 then M1.

    I often see a nice herd of reds on the A523 between Macc & Leek.


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    yes there are some nice ones up there,it just seems they are not getting much peace as they are being lamped all the time .

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    I'm sorry to hear that Tika .308

    I also realize that I should not have been specific on here as to the location....

    A few months ago I found hocked off legs & windpipe from what I think was a hind on some ground nr Macc where I have the rough shooting, may of been lamped or run with dogs

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