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    Hi from Delaware & Pensylvania USA,
    I am a retired USARMY Sr NCO over 30 service( OLD Person). Have hunted for over 50 years,
    do well on Deer Whitetail, and Eastern Wild Turkeys.
    Like to Fish fresh water with flies but not adverse to using spincast gear and live bait if I am hungry.
    Found site while searching for 6mm rimfire ammo for a firearm/rifle I found in a friends toolshed.
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    Hi from SMAGE

    Hi from Delaware and Pennsylvania,
    New member I may have erred by repling to the intro post but my advanced years give me an excuse!!
    Long time whitetail Deer and Eastern Wild Turkey hunter.
    Fly fisher also primarily freshwater eastern US.

    Found site during a search for ammo for a rifle I found in a friends toolshed 6mm Hob rimfire AKAH stamped on receiver.
    Plan to hang around for a while if you will let me!!

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    Welcome to the forum
    Hope you enjoy it and share your stalking/hunting knowledge with us.

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    2 Americans join this forum within 48 hours, is this a trend?
    Welcome by the way.
    I guided an American on my local river today, he was from Minnesota.

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    Devon Deer,
    Minnies and Mudbugs/Crawdads R GOOD . Never eat an armidillo though!!!

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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