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Thread: butallo roe call

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    butallo roe call

    i was out foxing tonight , when we spotted the eyes of a roe , we watched it a while nipping the new buds from a tree , i couldnt make out if it was a buck or doe , so wanting a better look , i got out the buttallo call

    i tried to give it 2 squeezes but the deer was off like a whippet after one squeeze , how the hell can i get that wrong ?

    before anyone asks, i wasnt going to shoot it , just sex it

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    Hi Scots,

    Wrong time of year pal, try again in late july/august and i'm sure you will get a more positve response all you did was spook the deer this time of year .

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    You might have had more luck going straight for a bark/terror call

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    maybe the wrong time of year but it is still on my belt ! tonight in fading light after a long stalk on a roe doe she was facing away peep was enough to turn her broadside and put the shot on. stopped a fallow pricket on monday as well so a valuble little call the buttolo .

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    My first roe buck (seen not shot,hopefully this year) came to within 50 yards when i gave a bleeep on the buttolo, then i started to shake.
    I'd like to think it was me but probably not.
    I remember bumping a doe last season as i made my way along a river and i quickly squatted as i did the call again beeped in my pocket and she stood perfectly still, approximately 30or so yards away.
    Both encounters will last with me for a life time because that was the first roe buck i had ever seen,the doe and i just stared at each other for a good 15min before i made my way to her when she eventually ran off.

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