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    its obvious the pilot wasn't expecting it to end like this, cant help but wonder if he uttered the immortal words "watch this!!"
    feel sorry for anyone this type of thing happens to, as the time it takes to get these people from recruits to front line crews must take years and cost a bomb and for only a moments carelessness/incompetence (my feeling is that this type of thing is meant to be a moral boost for the troops) its will surely mean that there careers are over where military flying is concerned and are lucky enough to avoid getting jail of discharged. how no one is hurt in this is beyond belief.

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    Epic fail for sure.

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    reminds me how woodpigeon come to the table when you take the tail feathers out,

    Never the less typical yanks pissing about with tools they dont understand.

    leave it to our british boys in the future

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    It looks like the west Belfast joyriders found the keys to a helicopter,

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    Looked like a run-and-break gone wrong. Though why any pilot in 'stan would think there was a Taliban fighter plane on his tail waiting for him to present a soft target when landing in a slow, draggy, configuration beats me.

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    Looks like he was caught out by the altitude of the base - same forward momentum, less lift = too close to the ground when the manoeuvere started and way too close when it finished.

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    Looks like he will have to stand a few rounds in the mess!

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