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Thread: A Great Afternoon With HME

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    A Great Afternoon With HME

    Last Monday I met up with Paul Hill from Corrinium Ranges for an afternoon stalk,we got to the estate where we were going to be stalking & parked up near the larder.We got kitted up & set off,we were not 100 mtrs away from the truck when Paul spotted a heard of fallow just in the edge of the wood not far from us,we got down & after a few moments they winded us & melted into the wood,we tried to catch up with them coming in at another direction but they must of crossed the road to another wood,we drove to the other side of the road & started stalking from another angle we got along the top of the wood & just behind some very thick cover not 50 mtrs away popped up the fallow running back the direction they come from with no clear shot.
    During the day we saw two more groups of fallow & four groups of roe,towards the evening we settled into the edge of a wood & Paul said where the deer are likely to show, we waited a short time then two roe does appeared,I got into the prone position & Paul said which one to be shot,so safety off & I squeezed the trigger,the shot was slightly low the roe circled I reloaded & took & second shot & she went down.
    It was a great afternoon,amazing ground saw plenty of deer & I christened my 30-06 at last, thanks Paul


    PS sorry no pics

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    andy nice one mate glad you christened the o6
    top guy paul knows his stuff regards pete .

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    Nice one mate, well done on getting the 30-06 'dirty'

    top bloke Paul, we have had a range session down on his range. A very good set up.

    Well done guys


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    Hi Pete,it's been sat in the cabinet for a while,& your right Paul does know his stuff.

    Hi Jon the range is a great set up I zeroed the rifle in there

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    well done lads.
    its the nature of things that some shots go a little wide, main thing is it was quickly followed up and shot again.
    thats professionalism
    regards john

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    Cheers John,still learning loads with every outing

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    Well done Wint, helping Paul keep up his successful outing rate then!

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