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Thread: dogs living in doors or outside?

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    dogs living in doors or outside?

    we have four dogs at home, who used to live in the house then we moved and the dogs are now living in a kennel in one of our barns. they moved outside without a problem.

    i was woundering who has dogs inside or out and what are thier feelings on why inside or out is better or worse in regards to dogs health and personal prefrence?

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    I have a pedagree Irish setter that lives in doors. But have friends who's dogs live in there barn like yours and there dogs have no probs with it, they have lots of straw to curl up in on cold nights and there dogs have been out for the last 6 years as long as the dogs are comfortable I don't see any reason why they should not be left out..

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    My dogs live outside in kennels with large runs, they are as happy as Larry, and even happier when we let them inside to for a few hours in the evening. :-)

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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    I have had two Spaniels in the house, in an unheated porch for years, Down to one spaniel and a new Lurcher and they are both out in the Kennel most of the time, They still come in the house though, but the Spaniel is 10 now and has had no issue moving outside,, he loves it. I do still let them sleep in the porch in the winter.

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    in the hose when just home but they go otside at about 6mnths. Depending on what time of year it is and the weather

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    5 dogs ,2 labs and a spaniel ,and the wifes 2 GSD's all outside with the GSD'S coming into the bootroom for the evenings then out at night .the sheperds lay out in the run on a bench down to -15 ,they wont sleep in the sleeping section in case they miss anything !Attachment 13909

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    my cocker lives indoors because we have sooooooo many pikeys about

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    Five dogs at home, all have access to the house during the day, but at night the Border collie goes out, the rest stay in.
    Their choice, so presume they are happy with it!

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    I have found that moving dogs from inside to outside is "easier" in terms of cleanliness, unwarranted barking ect, providing the house dog has been fully house trained before the move takes place.

    Taking a kennel dog from outside to in along with their kennel habits and behaviours, table manners ect can require some addressing of issues.

    Most dogs like my German Shepherds if kept outside will grow an undercoat which protects them against the cold but it is essential that their sleeping quarters are dry and draught free.

    Where I used to live, for months before Guy Fawkes night , the local yobs would be firing off rockets ect so that it sounded like a warzone you were in.
    At that time 2 of my Shepherds were trained and regularly tested to react in a certain way to gunfire, anyway when the racket started outside I would bring them in and have music playing to keep them calm(ish). They would get excited and bark much to the annoyance of my neighbours who somehow didn't bother with the fireworks so loud that your windows would rattle but ..... thats another story altogether.

    For the remainder of their time indoors, all they would do is pant and pace up and down and stand at the door to get back outside. In the summer when they had unrestricted access to indoors, they would come in for a look and quick mooch around and return outside where they would stay.

    They very much preferred outside
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    One lab, indoors, currently sleeping in the couch next to me

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