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Thread: Muntjac buck with hole in the head.

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    Muntjac buck with hole in the head.

    Hi, I shot this muntjac buck a few years back that had a punture hole in its skull when boiled out, it looks like it had probably been damaged sparing with another buck. The hole went all the way through and was raised on the inside, when it was shot it wasn't noticeable at all and the buck was healthy.

    atb blue..

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    Looks like he`s been trepanned by another buck.

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    Bet he needed that like a hole in the head.........

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    Very interesting pictures Blue400, I shot a muntjac buck a number of years ago with a similar hole in the head, mine was in the centre of the forehead with the bone around the hole becoming infected.
    It makes you wander how often it happens, I will see if I can find the head and put some pictures up

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    Sure you didnt need two shots?

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    That bit in the middle of the hole.
    Is that where it`s trying to mend itself??
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Quote Originally Posted by basil View Post
    That bit in the middle of the hole.
    Is that where it`s trying to mend itself??
    It does seem that it was trying to mend where the actual bone had been pushed in, it looked like it was calcifying around the wound, but i'm no expert. atb blue.

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