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Thread: Early mornings are great

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    Early mornings are great

    Myself and the girlfriend were up at 5:30 this morning to go help out at the Kent Game fair as BASC volunteers. We heard the dawn chorus coming to a close and then driving through the woods to the horse we saw Mr and Mrs muntjac scurrying across the road and off into the undergrowth. I was just explaining how deer are creatures of woodland margins and we'd be likely to see some more off to our left when lo and behold, there was a little group of roe, a buck in velvet and two doesWonderful to see I have been seeing Mr muntjac on that bit of the road for a while, and now I've seen Mrs as well I'm guessing we'll be seeing quite a few more around over the next year or so It's fascinating to see the things you have only read about happening and being able to use the knowledge and relate it to actual live deerMy day has already been superb and it's only just begun!
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    most mornings i would agree mate ,but this am it is thick fog here and i decided to take all the dogs to one of my release pens so i could do a bit of work on it while the dogs legged it about in the pen for exercise .
    when i had finished we walked home only to find one missing .......the WIFES !
    after some calling and waking the wife up to help look i found her back at the pen .i had locked her in, dam dog lol .
    hope your munty's expand in number and your day gets better .

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    Will be up at the fair on Sunday. But today we are on our way to build a 100mtre range on the estate with the help of another site member who has become a very good friend. Dogs loaded and tools and a quick drive to the ground, plenty of bacon and eggs on board for lunch!

    Hope to catch up with a couple of you on Sunday if you are going.

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