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Thread: No Bunnies but.....

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    No Bunnies but.....

    Last evening SWMBO got all settled down in the conservatory to watch Emmerdale,once the intro music started I decided to tactically retreat up to the nearest farm for a quick looksee with the aim of bagging a bunny to feed a friends owl.
    This is the last farm with any bunny activity on it since we spotted the black slinky killer on the next farm over, whether it was a mink or polecat we will probably never know but it's certainly knocked them back far more than the HMR could do.
    I kitted up lightly due to parking on the lower farm & walking up to the top farm where the likeliest place to find a bunny was.
    I spoke to the farmers wife who told me it had been quiet with no sign of Fox or bunny so set off with the HMR topped with the Masterlite Supreme & a handheld Clulite.
    2 fields showed only the ever present Hartley's (Hare) which are thriving on all our fox controlled farms but on entering the third & sweeping behind me spotted a set of eyes running down behind the hedge to my left, they showed no sign of slowing so nipped back to rest the rifle on a gate hoping Charlie would run into the field I was now scanning....nothing,I waited a few minutes & then returned to my plan. Still at least I know knew Charles was back on here again & knew our next outing would include a trip on here but with the .243.

    I reached the top farm & set my self up on the plastic wrapped bales to get a good over view of where bunnykins was last spied, I could scan to the front & left but had to rise up & hold the lamp up to see right down the farm but this wasn't the usual place for bunny so sat back down & waited...& waited....20 mins later & the sweat on my spine was beginning to chill & the dew on the plastic was getting through my keks I thought 2 mins calling for Charlie & then a steady walk back,I blew several short sharp kisses & waited 15 secs & then scanned rising up to point the Clulite down the farm, 2 sets of eyes tanking up the fenceline at about 120yds & closing fast, if I didn't react quickly Charlie & his buddy would be sitting on the bales with me.

    I dropped the handheld & scrambled up to the next layer of bales & chambered the rifle & pointed it at the faintly illuminated fence where I thought the first one would be by now, I flicked the pressure switch to show nothing but a perfectly lit I did the maths & tried to figure was it closer or not got there yet a fox ran straight into the beam & stopped with the crosshairs perfectly aligned with it's blaze. "Don't panic Mr Mannering" I thought & squeezed the little rifles trigger,I heard the distinct "whump" of a chest hit & watched as it rolled over at 70yds.
    Unfortunately I could also see the other set of eyes stop & beat feet back down the field whence it had come.I stayed put hoping that it would come looking for its buddy but the chill started to set in again so I went to retrieve it. Very healthy dog fox probably one of last years cubs.

    I left it in a spot the farmer would see it the next morning to let him know I had called in & set off back with the occasional quick sweep but I fancy the other Charlie was still running like his brush was on fire having seen his hunting buddy drop right in front of his nose.

    Nothing showed on the return trip so the owl didn't get his supper but I bagged Reynard & know there's another to account for, I told Andy on the bottom farm that all was not clear yet & he will then lock up his chickens every night & not let the kids do it who last year locked up but forget to get the chickens in first.....ding ding..dinner bell time for Charles I'm afraid.

    Love the little rifle & have thought of moving upto .17Rem but it keeps on doing this time after time so can wait a litle longer.


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    nice write up gran always good to get a fox when they have been making problems on the chicken farms. the main farm i go over is just building a new unit over looking one of his biggest fields. i cant wait till he finishes so i can use it as a high sit up point over looking the fields below..

    as for the 17 rem get one your love it.

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