Hi, i will be parting with these In the next 2 weeks, only as I have my eye on a pair of leica binoculars, they have been used but not abused...Will come with leather case, neoprene minox strap, boxed with paperwork..They have the lightest of wipe marks to the objective lens, though i am being fussy in mentioning It this does not Impede the quality of the Image viewed In the slightest...I would rather be honest...I have had these since october and they came to me 2nd hand so I cant say how old they are exactly, though they cant be very old...Truly excellent binoculars for the price, I paid just under 500 for these so I am looking for 440 ish posted RMSD

Here is a link to the binoculars, should you want pictures of the actual binoculars just say so, but this Is what they look like