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    I managed to get away from work a bit early yesterday, and took up an invitation to sit in a high seat on a friend's ground. I thought we'd blown it, as there were already 3 roe grazing in the field when we got there. It was good to be away from the office though, and I just sat there enjoying the warmth of the setting sun. It was begining to look like I'd drawn a blank when two does emerged from the block of woodland a couple of hundred yards in front of me, and started heading in my direction; the lead one was a mature doe, and she scented me from about 100 yards away and bounded away; the yearling with her followed, but wasn't sure what was up, and stopped broadside after a short dash. She fell instantly to the shot and didn't move. I'm still getting used to my 6.5x55 after changing calibres last year, but the Norma 120 gn BT's seem to work well - very accurate and hard hitting, but without too much meat damage. A quick gralloch, and away home. After such a good start to the weekend, I went out again this morning but only saw two bucks....sod's law means that from next month I'll probably just be seeing does! Neither session was anything unusual or special, but it was just great to be out and about now that Spring has arrived - and that will do for me.
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    Sounds like a result Bud.


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    Well done mate....but who in their right mind would rather be out stalking than shoving spreadsheets around on a Friday afternoon?????
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