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    Another newbie here.

    Currently lodging in the East Midland whilst working on contract. I've done a fair bit of shooting and stalking but currently work is having to take priority.
    I've always been a reader of forums as opposed to a poster on forums.But decided to register here in the hope that I can offer what I can when I can.



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    Welcome to the site Turfer

    Im in the East midlands too - not that many opportunites for stalking here.

    Where do you normally do most of your shooting?


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    I agree stalking opportunities are a bit thin on the ground here. Like most places you either need a fair amount of disposable income or know the right people.

    Fortunately I have several friends who have places in various locations in Scotland and the West Country.

    But work has to be a priority for me at present and will remain so for some considerable time. Just gratefull I've got it.

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    Welcome from a fellow EM person, like you most of my stalking is in scotland althrough have lots of fallow around the house but are under the control of money, and the passing cars more and more.

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