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Thread: Weaver Rail for Weatherby Vanguard????? Help!!!

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    Weaver Rail for Weatherby Vanguard????? Help!!!


    I have got a Weatherby Vanguard and I need a Weaver/Picatinny rail.

    I have just bought the one that is designed for the Remington 700 as normally the scope bases match.

    When I went to fit it the screw holes are the right distance apart to screw into the action, but the Weatherby action must be 1/4" longer so therefore do not line up with both front and back screws.

    Has anyone else managed to get a weaver rail for their Weatherby Vanguard?



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    As you have found out the, Remmy 700 and Howa actions while they have the same profiles the bridges and not the same distance apart,hence while 2 piece bases fit fine, one piece ones don’t, you need a rail to fit a Howa, 3 Eye Tactical do them or contact Jager S A off here he might have one in stock.


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    Cheers Tahr.

    Much appreciated!!!!!!!

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    Mine's got a Howa picatinny mounted which was sourced from Sportsman.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tommy trucker View Post
    third eye tactical do them
    you need a Howa one
    Cheers for all your replies guys.

    I got one from Jager SA for 55 including P&P.



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