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Thread: 2 Guns available.

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    2 Guns available.

    We have 2 full guns available in our pheasant syndicate in the Carse area near Stirling.
    1500 to 7 pens
    1200 + 20 a day to kitty for beaters
    6 work parties to be a minimum, 10 drives on land
    Additional feed and pellet and poult duties
    Must have a working dog
    BASC insurance through syndicate
    Some previous experience a must
    Must be reasonably close by
    8 driven walk/stand days
    4-5 outside and walked up days
    1 Keepers day
    A well run friendly shoot with a good social angle
    Some pictures from 2010/2011
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    Guns seem to be a hell of alot harder to come by this year red dot.

    Ive had adverts everywhere for weeks & weeks with no joy, which is suprising since we are offer cheap shooting.

    A sign of the times maybe?

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    Most folks just want to turn up and shoot or are the retirement stage and are unable to work. We had a rule of no non working guns and we could fill the spaces no problem if we relaxed this but it is unfair to those that do thier fair share.

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    Yes there is no shortage of "trigger pullers" out there, "shooters" are definately in decline though.

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    Yip, there is much more to a syndicate than meets the eye... i could shoot a good few let days and more birds for less money. When you count fuel, effort and vermin controlling it all adds up.

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    this is an excellent shoot, the quality of the birds is superb, best i have ever seen/shot at!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MARKSP View Post
    this is an excellent shoot, the quality of the birds is superb, best i have ever seen/shot at!
    And Missed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol


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    you know thats not always the case!

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    you need a hand with some vermin control red-dot i,m in falkirk and willing to lend a hand i,m a bit of a novice but looking to get experiance

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    One gun still to be taken, pm me if interested

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