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Thread: A zipper!

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    A zipper!

    Just thought you might like to see a knife I'm making, it's inspired by the eka swinger but fixed so that there's no slot to fill up with blood & snots.
    It's in 01 and it's just taken me 2 hours to file the bevels! I'm going to fit stag scales over red liners. Cheers all

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    Would be nice to see finished product

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    very nice piece of work .

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    Look'n good, I would also like to see the end result, keep us posted sanibel686
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    Looks good mate, but similar to this one?......
    I'm certain that the steel and finish on yours will be far superior though!
    Look forward to seeing the finished article.

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    Here is a walk through of the rest of the stages sorry for the shitty pics they're from my phone and most taken at night. I'll take a couple in daylight when I get the chance

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    That looks brilliant.
    Roughly how many hours does it take to finish a knife like that ?
    Wish I had the skills, and patience.

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    Very envious, congrats on a beautiful bit of workmanship,wish my feeble efforts turned out so well.

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    I've just worked it out and I've put 20 hours into it including the sheath. I could do it in much less time with a belt grinder and band saw but I'm working with only hand tools at the moment. I've recently bought a belt grinder but I'm still on the look out for a 1 to 1 1/2 horse single phase motor (shameless plug!!)

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    cracking that , thanks for sharing,wayne

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