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Thread: hello from scotland

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    hello from scotland

    hello my name is tucker ive been hunting since i was a kid started with ferrets terriers and aireriffle and now got 243 .22 12bore and still got a terrier i have passed DMQ 1 and i am currently going through the three stalkes to pass part 2 i can only laern from you lads out there so keep up the good work[/list][/list][/code][/b]

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    Hi and welcome tucker.
    Big place Scotland what bits yours ?
    Lots of help on here just keep asking the questions there are plenty of very helpful people on the site.

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    Welcome tucker hope you do ok with your Lev 2 and keep your address to your self you never know when some one might steel your identity

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    Thread resurrection from 2009?

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    welcome tucker, I dont understand all the cryptic replies, but you might learn a bit on here

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