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Thread: Toyota Hilux Truckman top for new double cab Hilux

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    Toyota Hilux Truckman top for new double cab Hilux

    Looking for a classic High Truckman canopy for a new double cab HL3 Hilux. It wont be delivered untill June so have a while to wait yet.

    Any good quality hard top would be considered.Depending on the distance it would have to be on a pallet for transport.

    Anything on the go,just drop me a line .


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    have a look on difflock forum

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    are you after brand new as the manufactuer them (well import) by me company called autostyling check out their website they could not help me enough.

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    Thank you for the replies lads.
    The new price for what I want is over 1200, thats why I am looking for second hand. Fleabay has a few but I trust the guys on here more than I trust the other.
    So you just never know ,someone on here might just happen to have one up for grabs??.
    Thank you

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    Hi Lux top

    Fit like
    I have a second hand one for sale, the rear door is broken, and I can let you see in Aberdeeshire area if of interest?
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    Thank you guys,

    I have got one now! From Fleabay ! And YES I did get ripped off.

    Mr HYAT SHAH of YORKSHIRE CAR SOLUTIONS in Bradford, is def


    Put up pictures of a really nice condition top-------But sent an entirely different(crap) one up!
    (these people would sell their own kids to make a pound) and for the PC correct on the forum.I am referring to car salesmen of course
    Long story short,,,, Wont be doing that again!

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    Correct me if im wrong but i think that you can get your money back off the seller if he has made a false declaration.
    Atb John.

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