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Thread: s&b ph 4-16x50

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    s&b ph 4-16x50

    i picked up an unused 4-16x50 ph it has a ballistic turret of sorts for elevation 30 clicks from stop to stop im assuming you can reset it to 0 once the rifle is zeroed but can't see a logical way of achieving it anyone with experience of this model help me out here
    a barony original

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    I have the 3-12 version and with that there is 2 allen grub screws mounted radialy on the turret. you use the turrets to adjust to zero. You then slacken the screws, turn the turret to zero then nip the allen screws back up.


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    The PH (precision hunter) model has a screw driver/coin slot on the top of the turret. Open and remove the screw/lid, lift the turret off and set back down on the zero position. Insert screw /lid and tighten.

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    I had one, I didn't like it and traded it in. As described above, a small coin will remove the centre and allow the vertical ring to be lifted off. With mine I zeroed it at 100yds and then put the ring back on with '0' aligned with the mark on the scope body.

    Good luck. JCS

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    thanks lads
    a barony original

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