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Thread: Hi from Guilt

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    Hi from Guilt

    I wish I had joined under better circumstances, but I have been shooting for probabily 35-40 of my 51 years, initially with my father as a kid, now I shoot target rifle and deer stalking, I also shoot clays fairly often.

    I live in scotland, but unfortunatly was involved yesterday (Sat) in an assault, so am quite deverstated that I may lose my FAC and SGC.

    I have chosen guilt as my name, as I really do feel guilt about what has happened and how I have let everybody down


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    Shame you could not have joined in happier circumstances.
    What part of Scotland do you live in, specifically what police force, as this will affect the outcome?

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    a bit confused by the intro ,but hi and if you want to get something off your chest then the legal beagles on here are very good and usually bang up to date .

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    Welcome to the site, I think! Odd osrt of intro leaves you wanting to know more.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Due to the fact this is a ongoing legal situation, I don't want to give too much information.

    There was a thread in the legal section and my thanks

    Whist somewhat distressed last night I started that thread asking for advice, and was advised that I need to post an introduction first

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