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Thread: lightweight moderator for .308

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    lightweight moderator for .308

    wanting to fit a moderator to my Sauer 202. there appears to be a few new lightweight titanium/aluminium moderators Alan the market. any suggestions as to which provides a reasonable sound dispersion without unbalancing?

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    I have tried a cross section of most of the mods on the market over the years and seen/heard several others in use during my time as a Range Conducting Officer.
    There are two I would recommend today and they are the A-Tec CMM4 which is a forward mounted Mod or the A-Tec Maxim, which is a over muzzle mounted Mod.
    Both are proofed for calibres up to .30 and are Alloy with stainless steel baffles.
    There are a few others available made after a similar fashion but are heavier but that is not to say they are not as good.
    The only thing I can advise is not to rush into buying one until you have seen/heard several or at least the one you think you want to buy.

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    To echo what EMcC said, I use a A-Tec CMM4 on my Sauer. I currently have a 24inch barrel on it and I hardly notice the difference with the mod on or off.

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    A-Tec CMM4, Love it!

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    I have the 6 but I reckon I could take of a couple of baffles.

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    I was looking at a couple yesterday

    I personally have a Jet Z and love it..

    However with the current mods now on the market with the ability to strip down and clean plus the amazing liteweight i might think again.

    The A Tec's got to be worth a look
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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man View Post
    I have the 6 but I reckon I could take of a couple of baffles.
    Oh yes, I forgot to mention in my post above.
    Both Mods, being modular, can have extra modules added if more attenuation is wanted, I say 'wanted' as opposed to needed because in their 'as is' state with the four modules they are as good as is needed.
    I swop my Maxim between my .308 and my 30-06 with good effect.

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    I can't recommend the Sonic 45 moderator enough: Nielsen Gun Parts

    They are very light yet have great noise and recoil reduction. I have one on my Tikka T3 hunter in 30-06 and it doesn't effect the balance at all.

    They are also fully stripable for cleaning. I'm not sure what price they are going for in the UK, but my local RFD can't keep them on the shelf here and they are more expensive than most others.
    After using one of these I would never go back to the likes of a T8 again.

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    thanks for all your advice guys, will have a look at these two.

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    check out these mods

    I have 2 MAE muzzle cans and 2 Jet-z's.

    I will be buying another MAE, they are stainless do not need cleaning and will not suffer from blast erosion like the ATEC.

    The Jet-z's are great however are heavier, rust like billy'o and cost 130 more than an MAE.

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