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Thread: EKA have come up with the goods!

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    EKA have come up with the goods!

    Its taken 3 weeks but a nice new swingblade surfaced from EKA yesterday.

    They are good to their word on their warranty, they just asked for the Jpeg of the broken Knife & a Jpeg of the proof of purchase, they did not require the old knife back either.

    Thanks to the guys that gave me the links on their website to check the warranty.

    Great service from them & have now gone away very happily with the new knife-will just try not to snap it like the old one

    Regs Lee

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    well that is good of them.

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    Iwcdart I see they stood by thier warranty then, great news.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    Yes good service. I'm a bit puzzled about why you have carved up your carpet though?.


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    im sure that was the one with the broken blade

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    Thanks, I'm just off to Specsavers now,back soon.


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    Isn't photo shop amazing? you can cut a paste all sorts of things.

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    chuffed for you but howdid you snap it ? or have you already stated how

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